Albania adopts tough law on environmental crime

Albania adopts tough law on environmental crime | Youtube snapshot

Albania has adopted two important aspects of environmental policies aimed at keeping the country clean.

The new policies foresee toughening the law on anyone who commits an environmental crime, Albanian minister of tourism and environment Blendi Klosi told reporters Wednesday. 

He further announced there will be a massive education initiative geared towards young people to keep Albania clean.

"The penal measures against those committing environmental crimes will toughen, while the massive education for a clean environment will be a priority of the ministry of tourism and environment," Klosi said while addressing a conference.

According to the minister, those who pollute the environment, the country's common wealth, and commit an environmental crime, has to be punished.

He underscored that Albanian authorities would soon start talks with the big polluters in Albania in order to challenge air pollution.

Albania is considered a country with high pollution. According to international reports, the air pollution here has deteriorated, causing a significant number of deaths in Albania.

Klosi, based on the national action "For a clean Albania" that was launched last summer,  invited citizens to join in institutional efforts to build a culture of maintaining the environment for everyone.

According to a 2016 report on European air quality by the European Environment Agency showed recently, approximately 2,120 people died in Albania in 2016 as a result of deterioration of air pollution.

According to statistics, the mortality rate of Albania in terms of air pollution per 100,000 inhabitants is 171.4, that is, approximately 5,000 Albanian citizens per year risk to face death from this cause.

Municiplaities continue to perform poorly in terms of pollution reduction and waste management, in spite of the territorial reform, which was expected to increase the efficiency of municipalities in this regard.