Macedonia, Bulgaria in Strumica: ten new agreements signed

Prime Minister of Macedonia Zoran Zaev said a joint session of the governments of Macedonia and Bulgaria will be held in Strumica | Youtube snapshot

A joint session of the governments of Macedonia and Bulgaria will be held in Strumica, on November 23 when ten new agreements will be signed, said Prime Minister of Macedonia Zoran Zaev.

As he addressed the training for political leaders organized by the Institute for Politics from Bulgaria, Zaev said that it is very important “to look at the perspectives and to build friendship with our neighbors, while protecting our positions and realizing our role in society” and that politicians often do not see the unity and closeness of the citizens of both countries.

The official underscored that besides the government, the opposition has a responsibility to citizens, pointing out that the Treaty of good neighborly relations between Macedonia and Bulgaria should be supported by the opposition.

“I would like for us, in Macedonia, both the government and the opposition to support such important documents, which opens, not only friendship, but also great alliance between Bulgaria and Macedonia, in order to help the citizens of Macedonia in the integration process for membership in the European Union and NATO”, Zaev said.

He concluded that this is particularly important because Bulgaria will preside at the European Union in the first half of the next year.

In an earlier interview with bTV, Zaev said “We are not only friends with Bulgaria, but we have become allies.”

"Macedonia has won the neighborhood Agreement with Bulgaria and has lost nothing, we speak in a language that we understand, only together we can help each other and move forward," he pointed out.

The Macedonian Prime Minister expressed firm support for the construction of Corridor 8: "We need economic connectivity from Drac, through Skopje to Bulgaria."

He hoped that the political crisis that has hit the country in recent years when there is no freedom, and many innocent people have been sent to prisons, will never  be repeated again in the Republic of Macedonia.