Gaza’s third bloody Friday: Death toll at 34, 1000+ injured this Friday

This Friday the Israeli Regime once again positioned its snipers along the Gaza border, the Snipers inflicted hundreds of injuries with live ammunition, also killing an unarmed man. The regime also used this Fridays demonstrations as an opportunity to test new chemical gas on peaceful protesters.
Gaza’s third bloody Friday: Death toll at 34, 1000+ injured this Friday

Another bloody Friday as Israeli snipers executed a 28 year old man, Islam Harezallah (Photo below), injuring upwards of a thousand peaceful demonstrators. The death toll in the besieged Gaza Strip - since the beginning of the ‘Great Return March’ on Land Day 3 weeks ago,  has risen to 34, this statistic is expected to rise as hundreds of critically wounded demonstrators fill Gaza hospitals.The tactic employed this Friday, by the Israeli regime forces, was calculated and came in consideration of further international condemnation and backlash. The reaction to peaceful protesters, murdered in cold blood by entertained Israeli Snipers, is much more dramatic than thousands of injured.

The day prior to this Fridays demonstration Israel killed two Palestinian men, an event overshadowed by the tensions between The West and the Russia, Syria, Iran, Hezbollah alliance. Israel has also been launchings airstrikes and artillery strikes into Gaza consistently within the past weeks, with Hamas responding once, this Thursday, returning fire towards Israeli gunmen at the border.

The unfortunate result of the MSM’s disingenuous approach to reporting on Palestine/Israel, means that information, such as the results of Israeli inflicted injuries, are not reported upon. Hundreds of Palestinians are now amputees, as a result of Israel’s kneecapping policy, many protesters have also been shot with explosive bullets, tearing their limbs to pieces.

[WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT] The following video documents the results of explosive bullets, fired upon peaceful Palestinian demonstrators at the Gaza border.

Israel targeted and successfully injured a total of 17 Journalists and Medics today, the most notable case being of Amad Abu Hussain, a journalist clearly marked with a vest saying “Press”, he was transported to hospital in critical condition after suffering a bullet wound to just below his chest.  (Photo below)

The names of all 34 Palestinian Martyrs in Gaza, since the start of the ‘Great Return March’ are as follows: 

  1.  Wahid Nasrallah Abu Sammour
  2.  Mohammad Kamal Najjar
  3.  Mohammad Naim Abu Amro
  4.  Amin Mansour Abu Moammar
  5.  Ibrahim Abu Sha’ar
  6.  Abdul-Fattah Bahjat Abdul-Nabi
  7.  Mahmoud Sa’adi Rohmi
  8.  Sari Waleed Abu Odah
  9.  Hamdan Ismael Abu Amsha
  10.  Jihad Ahmad Freina
  11.  Ahmad Ibrahim Ashour Odah
  12.  Abdul-Qader Merdhi al-Hawajri
  13.  Jihad Zoheir Abu Jamous
  14.  Mosab Zohair Salloul
  15.  Bader Faeq as-Sabagh
  16.  Naji Abdullah Abu Hjeir
  17.  Moahmmed AlRabay’a
  18.  Fares Alreqeb
  19.  Ahmad Arafa
  20.  shadi AlKashif
  21.  Mujahed ALKhudary
  22.  Majdi Ramadan Shabat
  23.  Alaa Yahya Al Zamili
  24.  Thaer Mohammed Rabaa
  25.  Hussein Mohammed Madi
  26.  Osama Khamis Qudaih
  27.  Ibrahim Al-‘Er
  28.  Sadeqi Abu Attiwi
  29.  Mohammed Saeed Saleh
  30.  Yasir Murtaja
  31.  Hamza Abd Alal
  32.  Mohammad Hamada Hijila
  33.  Abdullah Al-Shehri
  34.  Islam Harezallah

New types of weapons, such as strangle colored gas, explosive bullets, artillery and drone technology have been used on the people of Gaza within the past few weeks, all this and only weak worded, half condemnations have been produced by international human rights organizations. (Below is a Photo of a green gas, shot a protesters using drones)

It now looks as if Israel may be readying for a 4th major military campaign in Gaza, this assumption coming from the tensions between Palestinian factions, constant Israeli attempts at provoking Hamas and also Israel’s privatization of its weapons manufacturing to ‘Elbit Systems’.

If a new large-scale attack upon Gaza does occur, we can see take from this that it is frustrated by the bad PR and seeks to further seek legitimacy, legitimacy that it does not have.

The demonstrations will continue to take place until and on the 15th of May (Nakba Day), when it has been stated that Donald Trump’s US administration will oversee their embassy move to Jerusalem.

Robert Inlakesh

Robert Inlakesh is a journalist, political analyst and human rights activist who specialises in delivering insight into the geo-political scene of the Middle East, specialising in the political and humanitarian situation in Palestine.

Robert is a regular writer for 'Al-Masdar news' - and also appears frequently on 'Press TV' as an analyst and researcher.