Iranian youth present at Srebrenica March for Peace

Iranian youth present at Srebrenica March for Peace

A group of Iranian medics and elite who came to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina to attend the Srebrenica memorial program were warmly received by the Islamic Republic embassy in Sarajevo along with Bosnian institutions, reported the Sahar Balkan news agency.

Iran’s Ambassador to Sarajevo Mahmoud Haidari received the group in the embassy, explaining deep historical ties between the two nations.

“The Iranian people and government stood by the Bosnian oppressed people by all means and they still help the Bosnian Muslim people and stand by them today in defense of the independence, integrity, peace and stability of their land and territory. 

The ambassador pointed out to the achievements accomplished by both nations on the political, cultural and economic levels and highlighted the good relations between NGOs of the two countries, saying that “the presence of a group of doctors and elites of Iranians in the Srebrenica March for Peace is a message of solidarity and friendship between the two nations.”

Moreover, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic in Sarajevo also stressed that “the friendship and solidarity of the Iranian people do not target one part of the Bosnian society, but rather is inclusive and it is intended towards all the peoples of this country. We, as Iranians, hope that this country enjoys security, stability and calm and we wish that brotherly coexistence prevails so that the bitter memories of the past would never repeat itself.”

 During the ceremony, head of the Iranian delegation, Saleh Amhadi, thanked the efforts made to realize the trip saying “we are looking forward to see more cooperation and we hope to see our presence as effective in the Srebrenica events.”

On a similar note, Director of the Persian college in Bosnia and Herzegovina highlighted the valuable cultural event, and noted that “the Iranian delegation’s presence at the Srebrenica event is another hand extended to promote friendly relations.”

In the 23rd anniversary of Srebrenica tragedy, remains of 35 bodies, newly founded, will be buried.

The Iranian group accompanied by over 7,000 people started their peace rally from the city of Neck towards Srebrenica, which is 110 kilometers and takes 3 days, in memory of Srebrenica victims and the Iranian physicians, member of Iranian delegation, will provide medical services to marchers during the 3-day rally in case of need.

The Hague International Tribunal announced Srebrenica crimes against Muslims as ‘Ethnic-Cleansing’. Also, the Serbian parliament condemned the crimes in Srebrenica in the year 2010.