Serbia not striving to join NATO, says speaker

Serbia not striving to join NATO | Flickr

Serbia neither wants, nor intends to enter NATO, considering the country’s problematic history with this military bloc, said President of the National Assembly of Serbia Maja Gojkovic in her speech in the State Duma on Tuesday.

"Amid the difficult geopolitical conditions of instability, Serbia’s parliament made the decision on military neutrality. As a nation, we want to protect our airspace and our country. Serbia has neither the aspiration nor the intention of joining NATO. Our history regarding this alliance is too troubling to think about it at all. Still, Serbia remains open to cooperation, and the policy of military neutrality makes it possible to actively work together with all our partners in the region and beyond, in the interests of stability," Gojkovic stated

According to a poll conducted earlier, almost two-thirds of Serbian citizens (62%) have not forgiven NATO for its bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. According to reports, 62% would never accept any of NATO’s excuses, yet, on the other hand, about one-third of those polled, mainly the youth, are ready to forget the past. The absolute majority of the country’s citizens (84%), as before, are against Serbia’s accession to NATO. That being said, the largest amount of those opposed to the North Atlantic alliance live in the capital of Belgrade. More than two-thirds, 68%, do not believe that cooperation with NATO will offer any benefits in the future.