NY Times article timed to turn Iraqi protests against Iran: Kevin Barrett

The Balkans Post has conducted an interview with Kevin Barrett, the host of Truth Jihad Radio, to discuss the recent protests in Iraq and the United States’ goals in the Arab country.
Dr. Kevin Barrett

On the recent New York Times article on Iran’s influence in Iraq, he said the article was timed to help hijack the protests in Iraq and turn them against Iran.

Following is the full transcript of the interview:

Balkans Post: Dr. Barrett, the United States has been openly supporting protesters in Iraq since they flooded the streets for the first time in early October. What goals is the U.S. pursuing in Iraq?

Kevin Barrett: The U.S. is fighting desperately to preserve its power in Iraq. It wants to force the current government out and replace it with a more pro-U.S. government. It is displeased with Abdel Mahdi’s policies including his openness to trade and military deals with Russia and China, his refusal to favor U.S. companies bidding for Iraqi contracts, his rejection of U.S. sanctions on Iran, and his strong opposition to Israel and its attacks on Iraq.

BP: You’ve recently said the United States has “hijacked” the anti-government protests in Iraq to destabilize the country for defying Washington’s demands. Would you elaborate that point?

Kevin Barrett: We can assume that U.S. color revolution specialists are involved in training and funding some of the demonstrations’ organizers. Once the demonstrations begin, U.S. agents provocateurs make sure they turn violent. Typically, the U.S. sends in deep cover snipers whose job is to convince the demonstrators that pro-government forces are shooting at them, while at the same time convincing the government that the demonstrators are doing the shooting. This is how the U.S. created civil wars in Ukraine, Syria, and Libya, among other nations. It is also reminiscent of how death squad specialist John Negroponte and his colleagues manufactured Sunni vs. Shia violence in Iraq during the early years of U.S. occupation — though bombings, like the false flag bombing of the al-Askari mosque in 2006, alongside death squad killings, were then the modus operandi.

BP: To what extent Iran is relevant to the Iraqi unrest?

Kevin Barrett: Iran has plenty of commercial, political, religious, and military influence in Iraq. Iranian-trained militias were the biggest single force responsible for defeating Daesh (ISIS).

Iran’s overriding foreign policy goal is to free the region from (Western-Zionist) imperialism. To that end it seeks to checkmate American power in Iraq and ultimately force the U.S. to leave.

Since it is such a big player in Iraq, Iran naturally comes into conflict with the Americans, their Iraqi stooges, and others who don’t share its agenda. Pro-U.S. forces and other opportunists have tried to turn anti-corruption protests into anti-Iran protests, with mixed success. The U.S. propaganda media is strongly pushing the “anti-Iran” line. That suggests a coordinated effort between the Mockingbird media and those who have hijacked the protests. Typically, in these situations, the CIA plays the role of coordinator.

BP: The New York Times has published what it called secret documents showing how Tehran wields power in Iraq. What’s your take on the content as well as the timing of the article?

Kevin Barrett: The New York Times is owned by the Zionist-loyal Ochs-Sulzberger family, and works closely with the CIA as well as Israel to propagandize the American and global public. The recent article publicizing documents about Iranian power in Iraq was timed to help hijack the protests in Iraq and turn them against Iran.

The content of the documents is for the most part surprisingly innocuous: Various Iraqis are depicted as cooperating with Iran against the U.S. occupation of their country. Most appear to genuinely feel friendly towards Iran, believing that Iraq and Iran have closely aligned interests; while a few seem to have been won over with money. (If we saw similar documents exposing U.S. intelligence operations, we would see nothing but sexual blackmail, death threats, threats to families, and money motivating Iraqis to work with the U.S.; no sane Iraqi would ever think the U.S. and Iraq share any values or interests.)

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror. He is Host of TRUTH JIHAD RADIO; a hard driving weekly LIVE call in radio show. He also has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.

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