Trump’s scheme is to illegally legitimize land theft, says analyst

An American political analyst says U.S. President Donald Trump’s so-called Deal of the Century is a scheme to illegally legitimize “land theft”.
Stephen Lendman

“Trump’s so-called deal of the century that I call his annexation scheme of the century is Israel’s scheme, put together for the Trump regime by Israeli officials to fulfill their wish list,” Stephen Lendman said in an interview with the Balkans Post.

“It’s a scheme to illegally legitimize land theft, Palestinians to be confined to disconnected cantons surrounded by hostile settlers and Israeli security forces — Tel Aviv maintaining total control over their lives, their fundamental rights denied,” he added.

The remarks came days after Trump announced the general provisions of the plan, which he had described as “the Deal of Century”, at the White House with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at his side.

Mr. Lendman said the scheme is so unacceptable, and it’s more a scheme to fail, not succeed. It’s overwhelmingly rejected by Palestinians, he said.

Trump’s plan featured an economic portion that earmarks $50 billion in monetary allocations to Palestinians, Jordan, and Egypt. But Palestinians have denounced this as a means of bribing them into selling their rights.

Asked to comment on the issue, Mr. Lendman said, “The $50 billion economic part of the scheme offers nothing to Palestinians, funds in whatever amount raised entirely for US, other Western, and Israeli corporate interests.”

“Palestinians will be force-fed neoliberal harshness, a condition likely worse than now, clearly nothing positive in any part of the plan for them.”

On the role Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner played in the formation of such one-sided plan, the American commentator said Kushner is a “rabid Zionist, what I call a scourge and say this as a Jew.”

“He let himself be used by Israel to draft a one-sided deal favoring Israel while offering nothing positive for Palestinians,” he remarked.

“Denying them East Jerusalem as their exclusive capital and denying diaspora Palestinians the right of return codified in international law alone is a deal-breaker.”

Mr. Lendman also said long before the plan was unveiled, he called it dead before arrival, and wrote about leaked parts of it several times much earlier.

Protests erupted in the aftermath of the announcement. The Palestinian Red Crescent Society has reported that 48 Palestinians were injured during clashes that erupted with Israeli forces in the cities of Tubas, Nablus, Qalqilya, Jericho, and Ramallah on Friday.

“In one of my articles, I asked if the Trump/Netanyahu scheme will launch a third intifada,” said Mr. Lendman.

“Palestinians have two choices — either accept living under Israel’s repressive boot with no rights and no futures, an unacceptable choice, or resist, sustaining a liberating struggle I believe should be waged under new leadership because the PA betrayed them by accepting Oslo and follow-up agreements.”

“Israel got everything it wanted in return for nothing to long-suffering Palestinians and the PA accepted this for over a generation, critical lip service alone against it, no positive steps to change things,” he added.

He also said another crucial element is Palestinian unity.

“United they have hope for positive change. Divided under their current leadership assures the dismal continuity,” he concluded.

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