Trump, Congress helping corporates instead of ordinary Americans: commentator

An American commentator says President Trump and the U.S. Congress have focused mainly on helping business interests amid the spread of the coronavirus.
Stephen Lendman

“Along with the Wall Street owned and operated Federal Reserve that’s private, not federal, banks and other corporate favorites have access to trillions of handout dollars while ordinary Americans get crumbs,” Stephen Lendman told the Balkans Post in an interview.

The following is the text of the interview:

Balkans Post: According to reports, the coronavirus outbreak across the U.S. is getting worse, with death toll increasing to more than 1000. What is behind this mismanagement? How do you see U.S. President Donald Trump’s role in this?

Stephen Lendman: Time and again Trump proved he’s unfit for any public office, especially the highest one.

He failed dismally to deal responsibly with the growing COVID-19 crisis, first denying it existed, then doing pathetically little to address it.

He’s only concerned about being reelected and serving monied interests, along with wanting stock prices jacked back up to bubble levels as a way to serve his aims.

He and Congress focused mainly on helping business interests. Along with the Wall Street owned and operated Federal Reserve that’s private, not federal, banks and other corporate favorites have access to trillions of handout dollars while ordinary Americans get crumbs.

At a time when highly infectious COVID-19 is rapidly spreading, the top priority is containing outbreaks and treating those infected.

The economy can wait. Sick people can’t work. Scared people are hunkering down for fear of getting sick.

Economies can’t function under these conditions no matter how much federal money is thrown at business.

BP: What’s your take on the $2 trillion stimulus plan? Can this plan save the United States?

Stephen Lendman: Congress and Trump are going the wrong way. They’ll pay a price for their wrongheaded policies ahead.

The worst of COVID-19 and economic conditions lies ahead.

The so-called U.S. stimulus plan is a bailout, including for mismanaged companies not deserving help.

Firms like the airlines and Boeing should be nationalized, not bailed out.

Because inattention is devoted to a growing U.S. public and personal health crisis, all the money in the world thrown at business won’t fix things.

BP: How would this plan affect ordinary Americans?

Stephen Lendman: The plan offers little to ordinary Americans at a time when their needs should be prioritized — mainly by guaranteeing all households a minimum livable income and providing healthcare for all Americans when it’s vitally needed.

BP: What are the differences between the U.S. and China in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak?

Stephen Lendman: China went all-out to contain its COVID-19 outbreaks and it appears to have worked, though a second wave of outbreaks is possible.

Its ruling authorities shut down part of the economy to go all-out to contain outbreaks — the right thing to do, what the U.S. failed to do and won’t likely do ahead unless outbreaks spin out of control which is possible.

BP: What’s the possibility that the coronavirus turns out to be a U.S. bioweapon?

Stephen Lendman: Throughout the post-WW II period, the U.S. used chemical, biological, radiological, and other banned weapons in all its wars.

COVID-19 may be a bioweapon. Pompeo implied it’s one by saying days earlier that it’s “an exercise,” meaning a military exercise.

BP: U.S. sanctions have halted Iran’s non-oil exports and in turn its attempts to curb the coronavirus outbreak. What could you say about this?

Stephen Lendman: U.S. policy toward Iran, Venezuela, Russia, China, and other sovereign independent countries it doesn’t control is crushing their economies and immiserating their people.

It’s very possible that the U.S. introduced COVID-19 into these and other countries.

The CIA may have introduced it domestically in the U.S. to eliminate civil liberties by convincing people that at times like now they should sacrifice personal freedoms for greater security, not realizing they’ll lose both.

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