Reflections on humanity, Gaza, Yemen and the coronavirus

Do not suppose that Allah is oblivious of what the oppressors are doing. He is only granting them respite until the day when the eyes will be glazed. -- Quran, Surah Ibrahim (Abraham) (14), Verse 42
Gaza City during a campaign to curb the coronavirus outbreak. Credit: AFP

When we look at the world today in 2020, we can see that the world is a very different place to what it was a year ago in 2019.

In fact, the world is very different to what it was just 4 months ago in January of 2020.

From the moment that the American Empire with the help of the British and Israeli entities, made the cowardly terrorist attack in Iraq that resulted in the murder of Hajj Qassem Soleimani, Hajj Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes and their companions; it seems that the world underwent a monumental change.

Indeed, it sometimes feels like, the shedding of the pure blood of Hajj Qassem, who was in Iraq, at the invite of the Iraqi Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, with a view to finding a solution to the devastating Saudi adventure against Yemen. It feels like the shedding of this blood, was something that the universe was so appalled by that it felt the need to take direct action against all of humanity.

A humanity that, by way of acquiescing to the excesses of the U.S. regime and its vassals, has allowed atrocities to take place across the world while being largely unaffected by it.

A humanity, that continues to celebrate the birthdays of its children, ensuring that its children are safe and secure, but that ignores the constant and rabid atrocities committed by the Zionist regime against the children of Gaza and Palestine, or by the Saudi regime against the children of Yemen, or by the U.S. Empire directly on the children of Iraq and Syria and many more besides.

A humanity that accepted without question the lies of the hyenas of the mainstream media, who spewed out the lies fed to them by the U.S. regime, without so much as a question.

The same humanity that accepted the lies that justified the genocides of both Palestine and Yemen, without batting an eyelid.

A humanity, who sat by and clapped their hands while Khan Younes, Shujaiyyah, Al-Khaleel (Hebron), Bayt Lahem (Bethlehem), Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and more were abused and raped.

A world who sat by and indeed applauded the Zionist terrorists as the village of Deir Yassin was wiped from existence.

To this, it seems that the universe decided to say no. Enough. And so, we are where we are today.

A time where all of humanity are put under “siege”. Where all are struggling to find supplies and indeed the necessities of life. Where incomes of most people are in great peril. Where all live under the shadow of an unpredictable and unknowable enemy that can strike from anywhere at any time.

We are all living the way the children of Palestine, Gaza, Yemen, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Syria and more have lived for decades, indeed for generations.

We have only experienced this terror – for that is what it is – for a few months; and yet many are unable to cope; are unable to live with themselves – as the isolation and quarantine strategies require – move to ending it all; with suicide rates on the rise.

Of course there are scientific studies that say that higher unemployment (which leads to higher uncertainty and higher stress levels), leads to higher suicide rates – a fact that Gaza and Palestine, Kashmir and Yemen have seen – at least in terms of stress levels at least – for between a century, and a decade respectively.

All while the world sits on its hands, continues naval gazing and telling itself “what a wonderful world”, and very deliberately looks the other way.

Those days are now gone. The world cannot look the other way. It must face this terrorism. A terrorism that has been unleashed by the so-called “free world” upon a segment of humanity; but that has spiralled out of the control of the originator of this terror.

Indeed, so much so, that the same method that was intended to harm its rivals, is now decimating the country who’s corrupt and evil regime was – in one way or another – the originator of this plague.

The same regime that has supported and indeed encouraged – politically, through media support, and through direct military support – the wholesale massacre of children in Yemen, Palestine, Gaza, Kashmir and more besides.

A regime and indeed a people who for the most part smiled and laughed at the murder of thousands by the Saudi/U.S. backed regime in Nigeria, thousands who had come out in a peaceful protest, a religious procession, marking the illegal occupation of the land of Palestine by the Zionists (under the umbrella of the Masters of the Zionists in Washington and London).

Hundreds and by some accounts collectively thousands were massacred in Zaria and other towns and cities across Nigeria, by the U.S. and Saudi sponsored regime of Mr Buhari, and the old man, who was the spiritual guide for the Muslims in Nigeria, Shaykh Ibrahim Zakzaky, not only lost his sons, but he and his wife were beaten and battered, and are incarcerated; still to this day as I scribe this. Even though the Nigerian courts have demanded their release; but the government of Nigeria – subservient to its masters in Washington and Riyadh – still refuses to abide by its own laws.

There comes a point in time, when the excesses of the oppressors, and the cries of the oppressed are such that, even nature cannot bear to hear them any longer; and on seeing that humanity is in a collective catatonic state; and refuses to stand firm against the tyrants (except a few exceptional ones who do but are chastised by the rest for their honourable resistance), the cries of the oppressed reach the highest heaven; and nature decides it needs to step in.

Now, I’m not saying that the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and its related illness COVID-19, are a divine punishment – perhaps they are perhaps they are not; what I am saying, is that given the excesses of this world we live in, a world we share.

A world where we sit by and watch others – who could just as easily be us, be massacred, be butchered, starve or die of thirst – such a world needs a radical change.

Such a world needs a cleaning, where people; the same people who sit by and throw mountains of food into the dustbins, while countless others die each day from starvation; and all the while, the powers that be, the media that should be educating the people, continue to promote the lies of manic consumerism, of capitalism; the theory that buying things you do not need will somehow fill the void in your heart; that it will somehow absolve you from your duties and responsibilities to the poor and destitute in your neighbourhood; all of these things destroy societies.

Now, with the advent of the coronavirus, all these vices of society are laid bare for all to see. I am sure the reader is familiar with such excesses; but for the sake of completeness; since the advent of the coronavirus in the Western world – specifically the UK and the U.S. – there have been insane moves at hoarding, price hiking, profiteering and more besides. Instead of the people of the countries helping each other, there are moves by some to usurp the rights of others.

There are cases of people hoarding perishable food stuffs, which then go bad, and having no remorse at throwing such food away. This is the corrupt policies of the regimes filtering down to the people. This is how societies and systems are destroyed, not by any external agent or war, no, but by their own corruption.

Such societies crumble under the weight of their own excesses, their own arrogance and their own selfishness; and mark my words; there will be no-one who mourns such broken societies. Rather, there will be a celebration when such regimes and societies are no longer.

I should point out – for the avoidance of doubt and confusion – when I say a society will be no longer, I am not advocating any sort of mass killing or genocide, no, not at all.

Rather, that a society is trained by its rulers; and as those rulers are exposed and fall by the wayside; the societies will naturally reform themselves and as a result the old and corrupt versions, that cared little for their fellow human beings, will be morphed into societies that put the needs of others first, and are more humane and decent.

The reason no one will mourn such broken societies as explained above, is that a person who has reformed from being an inhuman and selfish person, will try to forget and not remember or be nostalgic about how they were; rather they will work hard to ensure that their current state is what is remembered and learned from and that they improve themselves, moving forward not backwards.

As for Gaza and Palestine, well, now all of us can get a small taste of how things are for the children of Gaza, of Palestine, of Yemen, of Kashmir and more. We can start to understand that keeping people under siege is not helpful; and indeed, will only further feelings of hatred and anger towards the regimes that are keeping them in siege.

The same way, that people feel angry and have hatred towards the tiny virus, or should I say coronavirus, that has forced us to stay in our homes, that has removed so many from jobs, that has deprived so many children from their education, the children of Gaza, Palestine, Yemen and more, feel a hatred to those who have also deprived them of the same things.

The continued supporting of the Zionist regime by the various regimes in the Western World; has resulted in decades of the children of Gaza and Palestine being deprived of similar things to what the people of the world are now kept from.

Yet the people of Gaza, of Palestine, didn’t weaken; they showed resolve; they helped each other, they stood by each other; and even when times were hard; the government – at least in Gaza, came to the aid of the people; and it in turn was helped by other freedom loving countries – such as the Islamic Republic of Iran.

We are a species; we are connected. What happens to one of us, happens to all of us.

We cannot be so arrogant as to think that if in one part of the world a people are dying of hunger and thirst, while we in our part of the world are throwing good food away and wasting water; do we truly think that there won’t be a reckoning? A balancing of the books so to speak.

During these days of isolation on account of the Coronavirus, I would ask all the readers to reflect on this, don’t accept what I am saying without question; think on it; reflect on it, verify it – the internet is there, research can be done; and above all think.

Think deeply.

Understand that we are a united human race; a person – as has been taught by all the divine ideologies and specifically by Islam, a person is either your brother/sister in Islam, or your brother/sister in humanity.

We need to understand that there are consequences. Even if someone doesn’t believe in God, there are still consequences; if you commit or allow an action to be committed whereby someone is harmed; then you will have to pay for that – in one way or another.

If you believe in God, call Him whatever you desire – you should know that in all the righteous monotheistic faiths, the idea of being an oppressor – even mildly is hated; and that the cry of the oppressed will always be heard by God.

It doesn’t matter if you think that you are somehow a chosen person by God; no, this doesn’t permit you to commit crimes against another, it doesn’t allow you to oppress another. God is not a real estate agent; the entire Earth is the property of God, and he has given all of it to all of humanity; as a trust, for us to look after and share.

The verse of Quran that I have used at the top of this paper also provides food for thought; that God is not ignoring the crimes of the oppressors; rather he is watching; and seeing who will oppose; who is there to stand for the rights of the oppressed from the rest of humanity.

Or sadly, are humanity simply like sheep, who will blindly follow the oppressors and clap for them, without thinking that the child dying of thirst or hunger, or who has witnessed his/her parents be murdered could just as easily be us, or our children.

As Jesus, the son of Mary, peace be upon them both has also said:

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

Bible, New International Version, Luke 6: 31

“So, in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you,
for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”

Bible, New International Version, Matthew 7: 12

If we want God to treat us well, if we want nature to treat us well, then we need to treat others and nature with the same respect we desire for ourselves. Anything else would be a betrayal and would without any doubt be an act that would leave us in the ranks of the oppressors, and sadly would rank us against that which is with the Truth and with Justice.

May He prevent us from ever being in such a horrible state.

Shabbir Hassanally

Shabbir Hassanally is a software engineer, and an Islamic Scholar, having studied in the Islamic Seminary of Qum. He contributes to various outlets as a political analyst.

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